To help keep your jewellery in excellent condition it is recommended that you arrange for each piece to be cleaned at least once a year. This will allow me to check for signs of damage or wear and tear and suggest a suitable repair before it becomes a serious problem. Items can be cleaned and checked as frequently as you like but its not recommended to re polish your pieces more than once a year as this will wear the metal down at a faster rate.

I have fully equipped jewellery workshop with a whole host of traditional tools allowing me to ensure any repairs are done carefully and thoroughly, meaning you get to enjoy your jewellery for years to come.

Any jewellery can be brought to me for cleaning, repairing, alterations and restoration.
I am experienced with all types of jewellery and all work is carried in my workshop without the need to send them away.

I am able to undertake all repairs including:

Size rings up and down

Replace shanks

Re-tip / rebuild and replace settings

Supply & re-set stones

Repair / rebuild broken and worn links

Restore worn out finishes

Supply and fit new catches

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